About us


I am Anmol Behl, a Computer Science and Engineering graduate from India. I am a geeky person who loves to write blogs and is ever enthusiastic to share knowledge with everyone. Sharing knowledge is a way to light a lamp for someone with the hope that someday in some way it will again be passed on to someone else. With this thought, I created the place, NerdPitch.me to pass on my knowledge, experiences, failures, learnings, and journey from being an average guy to becoming a geeky nerd. Thus, the word NerdPitch.me bifurcates as “Nerd + Pitch + me” meaning me being a geeky nerd sharing lifelong learnings with everyone.

This place will share the things that I learned throughout my life with a mix of my failures and experiences and make knowledge easily accessible to everyone. The mission of this place is to develop a platform providing freely available rich technical content and resources to learners and to develop a habit of passing knowledge to everyone.

I welcome you to this platform and hope that you find it useful. Let’s embark on a journey and create a positive impact through learning and sharing.

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