Meet ChatGPT: The Conversational AI

ChatGPT conversation image for generating blog title.
Can you guess where the title for this blog post came from? Now, this is ChatGPT in action! Try it for yourself, no tech skills needed:

Attention all techies and chatbot enthusiasts! Are you ready to meet the chatbot that’s about to blow your mind? Introducing ChatGPT – the ultimate chatbot powered by advanced language generation techniques.

But what exactly is ChatGPT, you ask? It’s a chatbot developed by OpenAI as a variant of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). GPT is a neural network trained on a massive dataset of human-generated text, which allows ChatGPT to generate responses that are eerily similar to human speech.

But how did ChatGPT come to be? It all started with the creation of GPT, which was developed as a way to improve natural language processing in artificial intelligence. By training a neural network on a massive dataset of human-generated text, GPT was able to understand and generate natural language responses to a wide range of inputs. ChatGPT was then developed as a variant of GPT, specifically designed to be used as a chatbot.

But why is ChatGPT such a big deal? For starters, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with chatbots and virtual assistants. Imagine being able to have a conversation with a chatbot that actually understands and responds appropriately to your questions and concerns. ChatGPT makes this a reality, and it has numerous practical applications – from customer service chatbots to virtual assistants.

But that’s not all – ChatGPT is also an invention that is truly touching reality at a tangent. Its advanced language generation capabilities and GPT-powered responses make it almost indistinguishable from a real human. It’s a game-changer in the world of artificial intelligence and chatbots, and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things it will be used for in the future. So don’t miss out – try ChatGPT for yourself and see just how eye-catching and witty it really is.

Grand Reveal

Please take a moment and carefully read the screenshot below. Do you notice anything familiar? The little deja vu, maybe…

The text above was written by ChatGPT.
Sorry for being a prankster.

Apologies, it seems like I couldn’t resist doing the prank.

Some more possibilities

ChatGPT is not only restricted to spoken languages but it can also be used to write code that actually works. Let’s take a look at driving a working code using ChatGPT:

ChatGPT conversation for Linear Regression demo.

This is actually mind-boggling. But there is a catch, the code generated by ChatGPT might not always be correct. There may be some inconsistencies as ChatGPT only touches reality at a tangent. It’s sublime when AI-generated code works but it is better to test the output before pasting it somewhere.

Be Warned

ChatGPT is amazing and swift in handling responses. But there is one thing that you should know. Not all the information generated by it is correct. ChatGPT sometimes might be unconcerned with the actual truth because the responses could be a result of the internally-stored data that makes up its language model. Let’s look at the following conversation:

We all know that “Gorilla gorilla” and “Boa constrictor” are both common names and taxonomic names. If we look the response generated by ChatGPT, we will be able to see that the wrongness of the answer is spelled right in the answer itself.

The wrongness of ChatGPT. Time to start cross-checking facts!!

Although the explanation for Giant Panda is wonderful, the answer to the actual question is incorrect.

ChatGPT is an invention touching reality at a tangent.

Be warned and watch out!! We are moving into an era where incorrect information would be easier to produce. It’s time now to put more emphasis on fact-checking.

To be crystal clear I am happy and pleased to see how ChatGPT swiftly handles conversation and tries to generate answers in a human and straightforward way. Kudos!! Open AI for such a great invention. It has the potential to be useful in many applications and I encourage you to play with it.

But still, we should remember that we are moving into an era where we can easily be misguided by the information we read. There can be any AI architecture to play and generate misinformation from the other side. I hope this encourages you to start thinking about the dangers of being misguided by wrong information.

Did I write this blog or ChatGPT?

This blog is certainly a “human AI collaboration”. I worked for quite some time doing several iterations of the conversation to generate a specific response which can be seen in the grand reveal screenshot.

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